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My name is Clay Campbell, I have been in the  residential R/O and whole-house filter business since  2002. I have been custom building these units since 2006.

For the past twenty years I have lead most of the installations myself, however, coming out of COVID we are experiencing a very strong increase in sales which is necessitating me to start the transition from field work to mainly shop and office.

I am predicting that I will still have this season for overseeing onsite but I am looking for somebody to independently contract all the onsite work.

At the present time we are looking to service Chatham/Kent, however, my personal territory is Windsor/Essex and our business model includes eventually working our way up the 401 corridor.

We have a number of water conditioning related products available, however our two flagships are the Sentinel and the Urban. Sentinel2 is our most requested unit, being a whole-house de-chlorination unit combined with the reverse osmosis processor. The Urban100sc/s is a standalone "under-the-sink" type reverse osmosis system. They are better described below.

I take great pride in both these systems, I have spent many years improving these units, making them better quality, longer lasting and more adaptable to a greater number of installation variants. Quite simply they are the highest quality residential water processors you can buy and by far the easiest to install. Truly, in the past twelve years or so we have had no major failures and only a hand full minor issues, literally all being aged dripping faucets and bladder fatigue in the tanks. Those numbers are taken out of over 600 current yearly service customers.

If you find this of any interest please give me a call at 519-819-4451. Please don't text, my fingers were made for wrenches, not a smartphone key pad. Thank you.

Now is the time to start selling Water Processors 

Back in the 2000's nobody had  heard of reverse osmosis except for a few die-hard survivalists. Our drinking water was deemed "safe" by our government and nobody argued - until Walkerton. That got a few people thinking, taking notes of how many times a city would declare a "boil water alert" .Bottled water was becoming an industry, lead in our old city pipes  was becoming  a thing and  reverse osmosis was becoming a talking point - all be it still in the closet. Then came Flint Mi, East Palestine Ohio, and  protests in  the city streets over fluoride, and now - the flood gates are open. "Healthy Water" is  the new banner.

Reverse osmosis is now an openly talked about thing - even if most people don't understand how it works - they now know it works.

A good indicator of this interest is that well established companies are starting to gear up for this new industry. Kinetico, Culligan, Reliance along with Briant and a number of other trades company carry a line of whole house water conditioning systems, and, point-use reverse osmosis purifiers. They carry this equipment because it is making them money and, with a very extensive foreseeable future. They also have set the pricing bar very high allowing for very good profit margins. Our  Sentinel2 whole-house system not only competes well in this market but excels giving an average of about $1000.00 retail profit plus installation charges. Plus, service - filters every two or so years for the next 20 years.

Sentinel 2

The Sentinel2 is a whole-house  de-chlorination unit and built in R/O processor. It contains a true NSF 100gpd Pentair membrane that if properly serviced will give ten or more years of service. De-chlorination is accomplished with an NSF rated Matrixks CTO/2 4"x20" carbon filter that on average will substantially remove harmful chlorine from a 4 occupant home's water for approximately 2 years.

Post filters include another Matrixk carbon block filter (or special order substitute), a coconut carbon filter for taste, a calcite/magnesium pH balance cartridge and a Royal Doulton anti bacterial ceramic cartridge for bacteria control.

Optional tanks are a 4,5,14,and 20gal. tanks. The 14 and 20gal. tanks have 3/4" MPH.

This unit can be ordered in two parts -  de-chlorination and processor.

It can be be mounted vertical or laid horizontal and still work properly.

The sumps can be easily removed and reversed to accommodate a the attitude for intake and discharge.

The unit is plumbed by removing a 5" piece of pipe near the municipal meter.

It has the option of either a 100psi or 50psi permeate pump, or in certain circumstances equipped with 40psi auto-shut-off.

The unit is easily attached to studs or concrete block.


Our Urban100sc is a nice unit to have in your back pocket ready for an up-sale at a job site. It has a couple things not found on most reverse osmosis units - Pentair membranes, way off the deep end as far as competitive quality. The competitors' say theirs is good for 3 years, ours (Pentair's) last 8-12 years. Optional non electric pumps for substantially increased pressure, which allows a number of options such as having the unit in the basement instead of under the sink and still have robust pressure. Also, and of most importance, with the pump you have the option of have the R/O water plumbed to the cold water tap instead of a dedicated tap. Very important option for those who may have rock counter tops - no drilling into granite.

All of our fasteners are stainless, the delivery system between tank and faucet is 3/8" not 1/4" and we have options for different faucets and storage tanks. At a number of new - construction houses we have hooked processed water (RO) to the cold water at the main sink, vegi sink, fridge, pot-filler, master bath vanity and a drinking fountain from one system. We provide the technology and equipment to do this and have it work seamlessly every time. This is the absolute best reverse osmosis processor you can buy. A $300-$400 profit margin is not unusual

plus installation. Plus 15 years of yearly service calls/filter chang

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