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Over 15 years in the business

Over 1000 Active Customers

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"We've bought three"

"We had purchased a Choices4Water Urban from Clay back in 2006, and when we built our first home we looked again to Clay for our water filter. We decided to have a Sentinel unit installed. In a few years we decided to build our second home. Now, with a growing family, we had a Sentinel installed there also.


 We are professionals in the construction trades  and decided to build and move into our third home - and we had our third Sentinel installed. You get used to healthy water, no chlorine, no fluoride, nothing to irritate the kid's, or my skin at bath time. I believe it is making a difference for my kids down the road and I love it.


 Clay and his team have always been there, on hand, prompt and easy to deal with. Not that we've had any issues - we haven't, but we have had a bunch of  questions over the years. Clay has been right there to answer - and sometimes right here, coming out and resolving first hand what ever the concerns were.

 Every new home we build is going to have a Sentinel in it and we are going to recommend one to everyone that would like us to build a new home for them."

Lisa Bandak,  Impact Roofing, Lakeshore On.

Diana Sunshine


We bought one years ago and Clay and Leny serviced it . Now we just bought another one. 5 stars guys

G. Beekuis


He comes every year to make sure me and my cats have good water. Thanks Clay

Michelle Miller


My mom and dad bought one years ago (Urban100sc). They are very health-conscious, My mom worked in a health-food store. She talked me into one and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And Clay is here every year to change the filters.

Carolyn Head


We bought ours 12 years ago, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. And now our son and his family have one, a big one, for the whole house. Love it.

Jo-Ann Jenereaux


I love it. I love the water. Clay is here every year to make sure it is working properly. Thanks Clay

Michael Anklwich


We had ours installed 14 years ago and it's still working great. Good job

Some of our Commercial 

Angelo Sorge.JPG

We bought our first one when the clinic was on Howard. Bought our second when we moved to Temple Drive. Then we outgrew that one and bought a bigger one. And I bought one for my house. Good job Clay - Thanks. Angelo Sorge. DHC

Asperakis and Danti.JPG

Definitely worth it. It has saved us a ton in distilled water costs, and Clay and his team are always on time for servicing - even when I forget. George Asperakis, Asperakis & Danti Dental

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Hearing institute Chatham.JPG

I have a Sentinel in my home, A Choices4Water processor in our Walaceburg clinic and we just had one installed in our Chatham Clinic. Ted Dalios, Dalios Medical Group Chatham On

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