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What is

Healthy Water?

"Healthy Water" is a descriptive phrase for the relevant constituents found in water in relationship to how they interact with our bodies. What is "safe water". "Safe water" is a descriptive phrase used by the authorities to describe water that has acceptable levels of bacteria in it. 

-Safe water is not necessarily health water-.


What is in the healthiest water? Nothing. Other than a couple trace minerals, there is nothing in the healthiest water. Just water.


What is in unhealthy water? Ironically it's what is put into healthy water to make it safe that ultimately makes it unhealthy - chlorine. Chlorine is added to kill the bacteria and other microscopic life forms that could be growing in our domestic water. And it does, which therefor allows the municipalities to claim "safe water".


Chlorine is  bad enough in it's delivered form but there is an even darker side to chlorine. When chlorine mixes with the organic matter found in lake/river water, which is where most of us get our water from, it morphs into a class of compounds called trihalomethanes. This group of compounds are known for their own added carcinogenic values and the effect they have on the reproduction process in expectant mothers.


It gets even worse -


In Windsor, we now have the re-introduction of our old nemesis fluoride. Is it safe? What do you mean safe?. First you have to discern how the word safe is being used. Is it safe as the government's description of our water goes? Who can argue the government. Let it be "safe". But, is it healthy - No. There are tons of scientific papers to prove that. Fluorine, and it's compounded representatives all have tolerance levels when it comes to our bodies, and we accumulate them at different rates individually. What might be safe or healthy, or even beneficial at one level is toxic at another. And, as the amount that we intake through water is totally dependent on the amount of water we drink we can't reduce the amount of fluoride we consume through drinking water without reducing the amount of water we drink. That in itself could be unhealthy. Add to that all of the other ways that we intake "fluorides" and it becomes way too much balance. So just by that fact alone fluoride has crossed the line from being a healthy asset to a health liability. It now occupies a place  on the same card with chlorine as being a contributor our waters' "unhealthiness".


What about the old pipes and lead, and, what about the asbestos concrete pipes, the kind that they are now removing from under many American cities. Are they safe? Again, the authorities say yes. Safe, Safe, Safe. But, a good portion of the annual municipal budget goes to replacing the old pipes, and, phosphoric acid is being injected into our drinking water (safe, safe, safe) to keep the water from leaching the lead - still found in our old pipes.


Remember, most of the adverse effects of unhealthy water take time to manifest, sometimes a long time. Some of this stuff is cumulative other stuff just puts a strain on your bodies defenses, day after day, week after week... Believe it or not our bodies are very good at filtering out the bad stuff, however, it is a tax to our ogans that is unnecessarily. Years ago it took very little for our bodies to sentry what entered "The Temple" through the water. Most of us got our water from the ground or fresh streams. At one time even the raw lake water was healthy. It was a mild task, for the most part, for our bodies to filter out what was deemed unhealthy, now it's all-out war. And the war is here to stay. Healthy water is no longer a natural, it is a choice we now have to peruse. 

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