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Removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds from all your water

Removes fluoride, bacteria, lead, and other inorganic compounds from your drinking water

Can be hooked up to multiple points-of-use (faucets)

Moveable when you buy a new house

What is the Sentinel2 ?

The concepts are not revolutionary, but the performance is. The sentinel2 is a combination whole-house de-chlorintion unit and  reverse osmosis drinking water purifier that protects your family from the harmful effects of chlorine, its by-products, fluoride, lead, asbestos, and bacteria.

 It can operate for up to 3-4 years on a single filter change and can be outfitted with an assortment of filters to extend the service life even longer it can also be fitted with filters to deal with specialized issues like excessive iron, calcium or well-water oriented odors. This is a must-have-unit that can be installed to move with you to your next home.

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