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water purification equipment

The most complete water security system that you can buy for you home.

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The Choices4Water Sentinal2 is a water security system unique from other systems because it secures all of the water entering your home.

First at the point of entry - keeping out chlorine, chlorine by-products and contaminants the water attracts from the pipes along the way to your home.

It then processes your drinking water to near distilled quality and adjusts the pH - fine tuning the taste of your water. It also removes 99.999% of harmful bacteria with a Royal Doulton Silver Ceramic anti-bacterial cartridge.  Service life for the Sentinel2 is rated at 12 years and service intervals can be as great as 4 years apart making it truly economical. And - to top off all that you can easily take it with you if you move. Call me and find out more. Clay Campbell, Choices4Water 519-819-4451

Sentinel2 doing its job

This is not the normal condition of the filters after a year of doing their job- but it is definitely not uncommon for city water. Most are mid-tan to a darker-brown. But there are places in the city where this is the routine year after year. My favorite saying to my customers that have these units is...”you know – your neighbor is drinking that”